Mantra To Win Lottery

Mantra To Win Lottery
Mantra To Win Lottery

Mantra To Win Lottery

Mantra To Win Lottery or to get lottery numbers in dream can be called totka to win in gambling. We will provide you astrological tips for winning lottery.

Excessive wealth is one of the pleasures that each one of us desires. Some of us work hard to fulfill these desires. But some don’t. And there comes a shortcut to earn money without having to do anything. Lottery is one such way. But winning a lottery possesses half as probability as losing it.

Mantra To Win Lottery
Mantra To Win Lottery

Then how to make the possibility of winning the lottery as one? Here, Mantras, to win the lottery come to your rescue. We are sharing some tried and tested mantras. These mantras will work positively in your favor. They will help you to get lottery numbers in dreams and win in gambling.

Mantras To Get Lottery Numbers In Dreams

Mantras To Get Lottery Numbers In Dreams, A lucky number specialist is your to-go person for knowing your lucky numbers. They study the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. Afterward, they match your horoscope with your lucky number. This lucky number is your lucky charm. It is also a powerful mantra to get lottery numbers in dreams. You can attract god of dreams and ask him about next day lottery number by using our Mohini Mantra To Attract Anyone.

Also, you can consult a lottery number specialist who uses his knowledge of Vedic astrology and numerology to predict one lucky number for you. While astrologers focus on predicting the future, a lottery number astrologer specialist presents you with a lucky lottery number. So, it is another powerful mantra to get lottery numbers in dreams. The Navnath Shabar Mantra is a very good mantra to win the lottery. It increases the probability of you winning the lottery by several folds. All you need to do is recite the following mantra.

“Uttar Virajekedanathnamko Raja Haadik Shasha Peer Kiraye Pooja Shasha shee makkamadinake Peer Kaahe Aaye Hindu Ke Mandir Aapna Naam Rakho To Amukkojoldichodda”

Another important mantra to win the lottery lies in following the steps given below.

  • Take five flowers of your choice and apply sindoor or roli on each one of them.
  • Keep a small piece of jaggery next to the flowers.
  • Now chant the mantra for twenty-seven times while looking at the flowers. Do this with a clear conscience and belief.
  • Immerse the flowers and jaggery in a flowing water.

The Baglamukhi Yantra is a very popular mantra to win the lottery. It is recited as follows:

“Om Hleem Bagalamukhi Sarvadushtaaanam Vacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jihvaam Keelay Buddhism Vinashay Hring Om swaha”

Totka To Win In Gambling

Totka To Win In Gambling, Kuber Mantra is a miraculous way of winning in gambling. Gambling is a word that is often interchangeably used for the lottery. However, gambling is considered as an offense. But still, some people prefer to use it as a shortcut for gaining unearned money. It is a powerful totka to win in gambling

Chant the Kuber Mantra, which is given as follows:

“Omm Hreeema Ahhama Naamaha”

Another totka to win in gambling and predict the next lottery numbers is

“Omm Hrrim Haare Maayeem Sharima Shaarimauma”

Another totka to win in gambling is checking your birth chart. The data is used to know the presence of a beneficial planet. If your birth chart contains Jupiter or Venus in the 8th house of your birth chart, then you have very high chances of winning the lottery and gambling. These powerful tricks should be applied with a pure heart and strong belief for them working out for you. This will surely help you as a mantra to get lottery numbers in dreams and totka to win in gambling.

Astrological Tips For Winning Lottery

  • Lottery Astrology House

Strong rulers in the good luck houses ensure the Win of the lottery. Therefore, the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses in the birth chart must possess strong dignity. These are also called dharmic houses. If you wish for abundant wealth, the 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th houses must have a strong place in the birth chart. The 8th house decides the chances of winning a lottery. Also, the Venus-Jupiter combination brings endless luck. Hence, it increases the chances of winning the lottery.

  • Lottery KundliYog

Lottery KundliYog is very fortunate. It indicates sudden happenings. Different places in the birth chart correspond to various advantages that come in the lives of people. An expert astrologer studies the birth chart and the several places and their effects. Thereby, he concludes the upcoming events in your life, including good luck and fulfillment of desires.

  • Predicting the Win of a lottery

Astrology helps a great deal to predict winning the lottery. The expert astrologers analyze your birth chart. Hence, accordingly, predict the events coming in the future. The house that determines the chances of winning a lottery is the 8th house. The position of the planet Jupiter, the sun, and their transiting times describe the huge luck coming your way.

  • Astrological combinations for winning lottery

A combination of Saturn and the Ketu in the Kundli is indicative of magical luck and plenty of unearned wealth. The placement of the sun in the 5th house or Ketu in the 9th house is believed to bring great fortune. It multiplies the chances of winning the lottery. Another remarkable combination is the presence of Saturn and Ketu in a 6/8 relationship.

Vedic Astrology is another powerful way of winning the lottery. It analyses the 5th house in your birth chart and its connection with other houses. The strength of your 5th house with 2nd, 11th, and 9th house strongly determines the chances of winning the lottery. A strong ruler of the 5th house corresponds to financial luxury. The strength, nature, and interrelationship of the planets determine the good fortune. It is one of the powerful astrological tips for winning the lottery.

  • Astrological Signs of lottery winners

Some are luckier, while some are less. It is an unsaid rule of the world. The same rule applies to the zodiac signs in astrology. Therefore, some zodiac signs are believed to be magical. Some stand average in the queue. Many astrological sites suggest that the people with a zodiac sign Gemini are experimental. Thus they keep trying new numbers and end up choosing the winning numbers. The next in the queue stands Leo, who has a challenging fortune. Lastly, Sanitarians are fun-loving. Also, they believe in fortune and fate.

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