Bhoot Pret Badha Nivaran


Bhoot Pret Badha Nivaran service provides solution to evil souls that are making trouble in your life. The life of a person who is under the influence of Bhoot Pret becomes mysterious and full of miseries. In the Indian ancient scriptures and Grantha there are many Upay has mentioned to cure the bad effect of Bhoot Pret in one’s life. Here our astrologer is going to describe some of those tricks for the Nivaran of Bhoot Pret Badha. These mantras and ways to cure are simple and easy to adopt in life so by using these Nivaran mantras you can be free from the black magic and Bhoot Pret. For the best result, you should recite these following mantras for at least 21 days and continuously.


 Bhoot Pret Badha Nivaran
Bhoot Pret Badha Nivaran


Lord Hanuman is known as the destroyer of Bhoot Pret, so it is highly recommended to light incense in the temple of lord Hanuman either everyday, but if it is not possible then you should worship Lord Hanuman on the auspicious day Saturday and Tuesday. On the 21th day you should offer a red flag to the temple with dry coconut that liked by Lord Hanuman. This Hanuman chanting mantra is very powerful and cleans the Bhoot Pret from your life permanently. There is one Sunder Kand Book written by the ancient great saint, which explains that one who recites the Mantras of Lord Hanuman, Bhoot Pisaach or Pret do not come near to him. In the ancient book written by the great scholar of Ayurveda, Maharishi Caraka, who wrote Charak Samhita or you can say Compendium of Caraka, there are many symptoms, and aids are mentioned. Likewise, in the Atharva Veda there are many mantras for the Nivaran of Bhoot Pret Badha.

Bhoot Pret Se Bachne Ke Upay


Bhoot Pret Se Bachne me pay is a Hindi astrology service that is based on the Hindu religion. If you look into the history of India, you will be amazed because there used to live many great brave soldiers who killed many Bhoot Pret in their time to save the people. Sometimes, Godhead, Krishna took birth to demolish the terror of Bhoot Pret on the earth. Therefore, Bhoot Pret Se Bachne ke Upay are unique in nature and people can take advantage of these tricky methods to save oneself from the Bhoot Pret. In the Atharva Veda mantras while there are many mantras are depicted for the Bhoot Pret and Bachne ke Upay to avoid the bad result of these evil souls.

  1. You should wear a locket on the neck that prepared by Vedic Pooja offered to Lord Rudra.
  2. You can put Tilak on the forehead of Sandalwood and wear a black string on the hand.
  3. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali create an Eye-lotion by pure ghee and apply it on the eyes that will prevent any kind of Pret.

Bhoot Pret Siddhi Mantra


While it is hard to believe in the existence of the Bhoot Pret, candidates are Preventing the doing any Siddhi mantras. However, you believe on Bhoot or not they are creating trouble in your life by causing your life like thunder. When a Peron suffers from the attack of Bhoot Pret, he or she behaves unnatural means she or he performs activates, which are hard to reach by a normal human body. In that situation, we can say that you are under the influence of Bhoot Pret. However, our astrologers are going to depict the Siddhi Mantras here, if anyone who is in need of these mantras can use these Siddhi mantras.

  1. Om Namah: Shivay Ruddray Mat: Chandi Mam Raksha Kuru Kuru Swahha:

This mantra is offering prayers to lord Shiva and goddess Kali to protect one of the Ghost Pret.

  1. One can offer worship to Lord Hanuman and wear the Mali of lord Hanuman that will avoid the contact of evil souls and their bad outcomes.
  2. These Bhoot Pret Siddhi Mantras are pious, so avoid the contact of meat and alcohol while you are in a period of reciting these mantras also helps in love vashikaran for youngesters.

Bhoot Pret Se Chutkara


Bhoot Pret Se Chutkara service based on Hindu religious astrology that will free one from the grip of Ghosts and Pret. Bhoot Pret is person who had a wish to accomplish at the time of their death and died without making it. After death, while our souls trespass through many stages and some stuck in the universe to fulfill their choice and work.

However, now astrology is very widely used to sort-out the problems of Bhoot Pret. Baba Ji is offering this service for the Chutkara from Bhoot Pret.

  1. Offer lord Ganesha prayers with some Prasad like Ladoo and Kheer, Lord Ganesha is Vighna Harna, who protects a devotee from miseries.
  2. Execute the Vedic Pooja at your Home to remove the Bhoot Pret from your life, and put 7 in number leafs in the temple and worship.

Like these Upay there are many other Upay for the Bhoot Pret se Chutkara, which can be attained by astrologer Baba Ji online.