How To Curse Someone Out Without Cursing

Curses are bad words which we speak on the face of the person whom we want to harm. As we all know, the curses are made for bad situations. The main goal of curses is to harm any person. When we are happy with someone then we give blessing to him in the same way, when we are disappointed with someone then we give curses to him. It is not necessary that we speak some bad words to curse someone. We can do this silently. There are many methods to curse someone with the expression. In this method people use their body expression to curse someone. If you have cursed someone in the angriness but after you realize you did a bad task. For such situation there is also a solution. You can curse out someone whom you do not want to harm.

How To Curse Someone Out Without Cursing
How To Curse Someone Out Without Cursing



Cursing Someone Who Hurt You

All the people in the world have friends and enemies. Friends always think about your happiness. They are always ready to help you. But your enemy is also available nearby you and they always want to harm you. In such situation you use curse for your enemy who want to hurt you. These are evil curses which you use on your enemy. These curses are not only for your enemies they are also use for the person, who hurt you knowingly or unknowingly. But it is clear that the curses are not use for good think. Curses are the evil and contains bad goal. This tradition is coming from the ancient time to curse someone but now days it has came a habit.


Cursing Someone With Black Magic

Black magic is a technique to use some supernatural power to gain our goal. It may be use for both good and bad. You can help someone using black magic. You can help to solve the problem of people related to the money, health, bad luck, evil eye, and bad spirit. But you can also use it to harm anyone. You can use black magic to curse someone whom you want to hurt. This method have some necessary procedure, by following this procedure you can cast black magic successfully on your enemy. In this method you call spirit form the darkness and these spirits give some uncommon power to you. But before applying this magic you have to keep complete knowledge of this method because if you do not have complete knowledge its result can be reverse, and it can harm you.


Cursing Someone Out In Spanish

Spanish people also have some words to curse someone. They use these words to show their hatred about the person on which they use these words. The curses are not only used in only one specific religion and country. The people all over the world use these words to insult or harm someone. it may people use curse to show their hatred on the people on whom they cast these words. But curses also use for another very big reason. They use it to harm any person. This curse in not like a normal curse. Behind this an evil think is hidden. The people take help of the evil spirit to cast this type of curse on any person.