Powerful Mantra To Punish Enemies

Powerful Mantra To Punish Enemies
Powerful Mantra To Punish Enemies

Powerful Mantra To Punish Enemies

Powerful Mantra To Punish Enemies use to enemy destruction or control enemy by using this mantra you are able to remove enemy from your life.

Pawan, Mohan, Malati, and baban were four siblings residing in an Indira nagar. Pawan and Mohan were working. Malati used to cook food and do household work. Baban was the youngest and was studying. They have been residing in Indira nagar for four years now. These four children lost their kids in their childhood. Hence, they were the only support for each other.

Powerful Mantra To Punish Enemies
Powerful Mantra To Punish Enemies

In contrast, two brothers were living in the same neighborhood. Their name was babaloo and Miku. Minku was the elder brother. He has been supplying weed, ganja, charas, etc. illegal drugs to various criminal gangs. Minku, his younger brother used to work in a small factory, but due to babaloo he too was getting into this slowly.

Minku and babaloo were very arrogant. Pawan and his siblings were the only people who never used to give up to his bullying. There have been many disputes among both the families over four years. Also, many times babaloo and mink have tried pestering and creating trouble for them purposely without any reason.

Pawan and his siblings used to consult an astrologer. His name was baba chandra. So, Baba chandra had given them a powerful mantra to punish enemies.

‘Chanda munda devan saham

Namo bagida naghumo laghomam

Same paronme samapa nuramhe

Sato nibhatta samapa samaha’

This powerful mantra to punish enemies had worked fine for Pawan and his siblings to punish minku and his brother babaloo. As a result, they had ended up making a mess for themselves every time they tried creating trouble for Pawan and family.

Mantra For Enemy Destruction

In Spite of getting punished many times, they still used to try to find a reason to fight with Pawan and family. Babaloo once stopped the younger baban while he was on his way to school and torn his books. Therefore baban came home crying. When Pawan and Mohan returned from work in the evening, Malati narrated all the incident to them.

They got angry, but they didn’t take any wrong action under the influence of the anger. They did not go and started fighting with minku and babaloo. Next day they all went to see baba chandra. All narrated the incidence and said they have been facing trouble from minku and babaloo for four years.

Now they need some final remedy to it. Baba chandra listened to everything that they had to say and tell. Baba chandra already knew all of their kundali, horoscope, palmistry, etc.

So he had a clear picture now what should be the remedy. He said okay, I would undoubtedly give you mantra for enemy destruction. Everybody got happy. But what we will have to do? Malati asked. Baba chandra said, first note this mantra down.

‘Namai chandra pujyante

Namo bhago puru jayaha

Karo sarvami guyhante

Samo duro raghuttamaha’

You have to write this mantra for enemy destruction on a black color paper. Get a white color ink and write this mantra down on this paper two times. But it is not the usual way that you have to write this mantra.

Mantra For Enemy Control

The way of writing is it has to be a mirror image of each other. You have to write the lines of the mantra in front of each other. One time, you will have to write it regularly, and the second time you have to write the mantra words as in the opposite way as if they are the mirror image.

Also, baba chandra added further that, they would need a mantra for enemy control too. The most unusual thing is, this mantra for enemy control would slow down their movements which would help their destruction.

Here is the mantra for enemy control:

‘Sabdo kubdho naro vittam

Karo subho nago shadama

Chare nabhemi vikhyemi

Same kare virajate.’

You have to take paste of wheat flour, green pepper water, salt, red chili powder, and 4 drops lemon juice. It will become a red color paste. You have to write this mantra on a dry leaf of the banana tree. Furthermore, you have to make a dry powder out of it. Create a line by adding this powder in front of your door. Make this line close to the walls adjacent to the door.

This way any evil-minded person who has some wish to hurt any person living in that house, would get controlled and won’t be able to harm anybody from that house. Avanti, Pawan, Mohan, and baba all decided to it as soon as they reach home. On their way home, they gathered all those required stuff as instructed by baba chandra. And did everything as directed by baba Chandra.

Mantra To Remove The Enemy From Your Life

It’s been two months, Pawan and his siblings did not get any trouble from minku and babaloo. Although that is a case, minku had met Pawan once outside of the area. He had threatened him to hurt him and his siblings in the coming days. Due to this threat, Pawan and his siblings were under terror.

Because now babaloo too had joined one of the gang members to whom his elder brother Minkus used to supply drugs. Although they were not facing any issue since baba chandra had given them mantras, they still had this doubt about what if or when. They did not want to see minku and babaloo again.

They again went to baba chandra. Baba chandra explained to them that nothing is going to happen to them due to the influence of mantra. Pawan insisted that baba should give them some other mantra so that they would not see minku and babaloo again. Malati sometimes used to get nightmares in the night. It was psychologically distressing for all of them.

So baba chandra said ok. Here is a mantra to remove the enemy from your life:

‘Samuccha chandra dekheva

Vardhe Vishnu na vanchita

Safiyya Sarv khedeva

Namo sami vapicchaya.’

Pawan and his family followed all the steps as instructed by baba. Finally, within two weeks, they got to know that the police are searching for them, and they have left the area permanently and went to their hometown to start a new life. That was in such a relief for Pawan and his family due to the mantra to remove the enemy from your life.

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